Xing Li (T&A) & Ivy Shao (Brief Butt) in The Tenants Downstairs (2016)

31-year old Taiwanese actress Xing Li @ Lu Fu Ling [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14] Feature Film & Nude Debut (T&A),

26-year old Taiwanese actress-telly starlet Ivy Shao @ Shao Yu-Wei [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11] Nude Debut (Brief Butt+Frontal See-Thru or BD+Fake Silicone Nipples), Taiwanese actress Lin Tzu Ning (Nude-Lez), Taiwanese actress Yu Pei Chen [1][2] (Nude-Lez) & Petra Wu (Brief Breasts) in The Tenants Downstairs (2016) [1][2][3]

Xing Li graduated from Taiwan University of Arts but it’s been a struggle to achieve a foothold in the local theater and film industry, made doubly hard in faring badly at auditions. She was barely making ends meet. Fortunately, the aspiring actress was staying with her mom at that time. On verge of giving up and moving on to a different line of work, Xing Li promised herself to reevaluate her career choice if she doesn’t make it by the time she was 31. She brought her A-game during ‘The Tenants Downstairs‘ audition and was rewarded by becoming the top choice for the sexy role of Chen.
Prior to the film shoot, Xing Li was in two minds about doing the role. “After all, the whole world going to see me naked” according to her in an interview. Her boyfriend refused to watch the movie because of the racy content involving her. However, her mom commented she was effective in her role while Xing Li advised her 80-year-old grandmother not to attend the premiere. Her sister was very supportive of Xing Li decision to get naked on-screen. “Yeah, you’re naked but it’s not you. It’s Miss Chen” reasoned her sister which made sense to Xing Li. Despite receiving decent reviews for her performance included being nominated for Golden Horse Awards in supporting acting category, Xing Li worries she would be seen as a ‘porn star‘ (typecast). She’s been getting scripts which require her to be nude or perform sex scenes. Xing Li also doesn’t think her nude scenes in the movie came at a cost to her principles.
Cute ingénue Ivy Shao has a nude scene in ‘The Tenants Downstairs‘. She gained her mother’s approval before accepting the role. Ivy is a shy person in real life. But when asked if she got bit sheepish getting naked, Ivy replied there was nothing to be shy about in disrobing on camera. In fact, she was glad to do nudity because it was part of the performance. She wasn’t nervous or intimidated even during auditions. To astonishment of her cast mates at the movie premiere, spunky Ivy yelled at the audience: “I hope you like my body.

– rough translation sourced from various articles


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