Tove Lo going above and beyond

XxXWTPXxX: This is the longest I have ever seen her do it. Its usually a quick flash

linvoylegend: At this point, if you go see Tove Lo and she doesn’t pull her top down, wouldn’t you be due a refund on the ticket price?

Devros: That moment when all these celebrities talk about freethenipple but none of them do this

Sol-Om-On: I’m not complaining, but why does she do it?

SDLRob: How long before she does a full strip with that song?

goofball_jones: Whoa, did anyone else notice that you could see her boobs?

FalconArrow123: I don’t care what anyone says, I think she’s so damn hot and I love that she does this

bastardstepchild: Ball’s in your court, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and probably some other hot girl singers.

fwbthrowaway1234567: At this point she should just change her name to Tove Lo-cut-top.

Hemightbegiant: I only know two things about her. Singer. Tits.

ddei989: She seems like she’d be fun in bed.

biznesstim3: Why does she have two drummers though?

joha6: Wish T-Swift would do this.

jaztymemalik: link?

ahumanmonkeyman: Love to flash my tits

born2run6: Dear God I need to get to one of her the front row.

GalcomMadwell: This inspired me to check out some of her music…

…it is bad.

rgliberty: If Bruno Mars whipped out his dick for 30 seconds and pranced around stage his career would be over…

Volfie: Tove Lo: A stripper who occasionally takes breaks from taking off her clothes to sing.

Zchavago: That’s sexual harassment.

domotime2: this isnt the time or place for this talk but the uproar that would happen if a male pop star flashed his dick at whim…

sorry back to oggling

Goblin97janitor: Source?

fkingrone: She loves to show off those saggy grandma tits.

liam3: is this for a new song? next album she’d have to updo with vag flash? then the 3rd one… full on sex?

rlerke: This will keep happening until someone chucks a dildo on stage.

But let’s enjoy it until then.

theroyalham: Tove Lo always does shit like this. She gives no fucks

molloyinthewoods: Lame.

What do you think?

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