To this day, still one of the greatest shot scenes in television history

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skin-vision: [Don’t forget](

boobzilla77: I’d sell my granny to see her tits in real life. This scene deserves an Oscar of its own

T10rock: r/TTDSWAD

Luny0: Agreed

StickyCertification: GOAT

dj_narwhal: Remember her tweet after the fappening?

T10rock: Someday I’m going to get tired of seeing this. Today is not that day.

bfj9000: Next a VR release?

Snaty: Who is this?

Claffdaddy: Woody Harrelson got paid to get a facefull of these tits. Dude is really living his best life.

ObedientDick: so amazed when i saw those titties for the frist time and i still am. Damn only watched true detective cause of alexandra.


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