Taylor Swift The Plot

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happyfinesad: “She wears short skirts/
I wear a fully realized nude robot skinsuit”

Jaegs2: Well I guess someone must have gone to that live action Ghost in the Shell.

mminsc: Taylor’s head on a body double…

SweetViews: Never jerked off to her before. Might have to reconsider.

jv1995: Hot. Would be way hotter if it wasn’t CGI though.

I hope we get some behind the scenes videos so we can see that skin tight outfit without all the effects.

retrodevice: /r/TaylorSwiftsLegs

krathil: Major Swift

Shutupvoices: Im loving this new more sexual Tay-Tay but Im also missing wholesome Tay-Tay so I have a literally confused boner right now

Imfromcanadaeh78: When I woke up this morning I didn’t think I’d be jerking off to Taylor Swift. Yet here I am

Blackened1922: Holy shit what is that from?

krathil: Whoa.

neotheseventh: WHOA. HOLY SHIT.

Conyeezy_West: I dig the Tron style

CaptainDogParty: I’ll start by saying that this is like… my opinion, man, so I could just be talking out of my ass, but j can’t believe people are debating wether this is CGI or not.

Even if you guys can pretend hard enough that just because she has a little more shape now that this might be her, the CGI looks so fake. Her head is tiny and looks like it was copy/pasted onto the body.

I would love to see some behind the scenes footage to prove me wrong, but short of that, I just can’t believe that she’s transformed her body this much AND I’d suddenly willing to show it off like this.

xoxoBLOOPERxoxo: That’s SO not what her body looks like haha

PM_ME_ALL_OF_REDDIT: whos tits did she barrow?

Zpangus: So where did the boobs come from

carcar134134: yeah bullshit her tits are that big.

fatherfrosto: So this is CGI right?

steveo82: Dam I need this in 4k

Noexit007: Man, I can’t wait for some high-quality wallpapers from this video to come out.

ObeseKnights: She should do anal next.

crashkelley: She looks great, but her lovers have said she’s a dead fish, lousy fuck.

BPG84: Am i the only who thought it was Marilyn Manson’s Dope Show from the thumbnail??

ondiveerappan: Did they amplify the boobs?

omg-lol-wut: who else hit pause?

rhunter99: Woah

ImgRip: >**No fakes** or altered photos. Minor brightening/color correction is allowed. No xrays or “bubbling”.

ugomonyespacecraft: If only

CRIZZLE69: i got a swiffy loool

AgentNightmare2001: /r/ConfusedBoners

BPG84: Am i the only who thought it was Marilyn Manson’s Dope Show from the thumbnail??

Tasty_Thai: And we wonder why we have a sexual harassment problem in show biz…

Smile – Taylor Swift

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erotica48: She knows


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