Sophie Cookson (Brief Breasts) in The Crucifixion (2017)

Sophie Cookson (Brief Breasts), Brittany Ashworth, Ada Lupu & Olivia Nita in The Crucifixion (2017)

Another shitty nudity by English rose Sophie after her crappy nude debut in half-baked Gypsy. Technically, her blink-of-an-eye nip show in The Crucifixion was her nude debut but the Netflix original series came out first. She sure is stingy in showing her boobs. Pity. One of the sexiest actresses in the world, the Taurean loves to travel and shoot movies in foreign countries. Similar to Katie McGrath, reserved Sophie probably feels comfortable being herself outside of Britain without the loving close scrutiny of loved ones. Being a stranger in a strange land works in Sophie‘s favor in opening herself to new experiences, be more socially adventurous and allows the English lass to do things – professionally and personally – she would never normally do back home. Despite her cold, calculating approach to nudity, I’m pretty confident we will see more of Sophie in the buff in near future….hopefully a vast improvement in quality over The Crucifixion & Gypsy


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