Sofía Vergara Lends a Hand


TheGreatRedDragon256: Ok, i never get to share this but fuxtaposition works because of something called The Kuleshov Effect. Your posts (which i love btw) work in the manner of quick edits, giving one that illusion we need here.

In fact, Kuleshov works the same way. Its like if the shot of a guy looking the wall is followed by a shot of a clock, we assume that he was looking at the clock.

Similairly, a shot of assfucking followed by the contorted face of a celeb creates that illusion.

adish: the bottom video is a little too slow but nice work

LeMustacheLeFrance: What is the source for the bottom video

don-soprano: Could you do something similar with Jennifer Love-Hewitt and her scenes from that show “The Clientlist”?


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