Sarah Hagan (Millie from Freaks and Geeks)


adish: thats a weird scene to have real sex in

ClamatoDiver: Heh, you see it in 3d if you cross your eyes.

spankasmurf: she gives good head apparently

T10rock: Nice, but I’m pretty sure the sex wasn’t real

Adam_Scott_: Millie got hot

DrZed400: That’s how I want to die.

hoochimamaya: 1080p source? How do we know it’s not a body double, has anyone matched the moles on her back?

Mr_Majestyk: Enhance!

yimitty: It’s possible, but I bet it’s CGI. They probably saw straight through the supposed penetration in the editing bay and added this to fix it.

i13: dreams do come true

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