Sara Jean Underwood

ctk80: She was way more beautiful before she did all these plastic jobs.

p53Rb: She has a nice vagina

Krojack76: [obligatory upvote](

WellWeAreWaiting: god damn…

PM_ME_ALL_OF_REDDIT: May she have a thousand daughters

bhowell999: I like the fact she isn’t all tatted up. Makes her look more “classic beauty” than trendy.

shogunreaper: i remember her from attack of the show.

11_RMA: Amazing. And still amazing

raze4daze: Who is she?

xbetax: Wow

Yamomsb: Her IG page is the shit man

BigJB318: Most beautiful woman in the world IMO

thatguy_101: hot

montanasucks: The gif that keeps on giving.

Jblack2236: Man… she’s #1 hands down. She was #1 by a mile but since the surgeries she’s #1 by a few feet. Still.. #1 to me. Lol

YourNewSextingBuddy: Goddamn, soo perfect!

Kenzoxavi: The only chick I’d get a tattoo of…just need to find an artist good enough so I don’t end up on r/badtattoos

ZeroCorpse: There’s so much plastic in her, I bet she squeaks when she moves.

o0c3drik0o: >Sara Jean Underboob


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seekthetruthnotlies: its time for her to do porn

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