Rihanna Staging A Plot

Rihanna in a short dress

boobsarelike: That’s pussy written on her skirt.

crossmissiom: Has she lost so much weight again? She’s sexy anyhow…

Dsan_Dk: I hope this subreddit cab accumulate more of this type of content! 😀

taysrk: Looks like Ariana Grande

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JacksLackOfApathy: She’s the “how to party without ruining your career and body” counterpoint to Lohan.

p53Rb: Rihanna is amazing

Aatah: “If I see RiRi, Imma eat it like panini”

Benj97s: No-one comes close to be almost at attractive as her

FeedUsFetusFeetPus: She’s got the Panama Canal runnin up her spine. Also that dudes muffin top is spilling onto the pic.

ohgymod: Huh, all I thought of was Last Man on Earth’s Pool Toilet.

[Turns out I wasn’t far off…](

Rih Rih

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throwawayJavvy: Best part about any Rihanna music video


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