Rebecca Amzallag (Brief Breasts) in Slasher [S2E6]

31-year old Canadian actress-stage artist Rebecca Amzallag [1][2][3][4][5][6][8][9][10][11][12][13] Nude Debut(?) (Brief Breasts) in Slasher [S2E6], Canadian actress Rebecca Liddiard (Sexy) in Slasher [S2E1], Canadian actress Leslie Hope in Slasher [S2E7], Canadian actress Melinda Shankar [1][2][3](Sexy) in Slasher [S2E2E7], Canadian actress Madison Cheeatow (Sexy) in Slasher [S2E7] & Paula Brancati in Slasher [S2E7]

Rebecca Amzallag is a Canadian actress from Montreal who recently moved to Toronto. After appearing on screen for a few years (Beauty and the Beast, The Man in the Shadows, The Young and Prodigious TS Spivet, A Sister’s Revenge), she’s enjoying a new phase as a theater performer.

Melinda Shankar

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