Paulina Szostak (Brief Breasts) in Belfer [S2E6]


So here it is, clips from last Sunday’s Belfer episode.
First one is of course Paulina’s nude debut. Very brief but still I’m very, very happy about it, cuz

1) I had no idea she will be back in second season

2) she’s my fav from series and I’m super hot for her

3) scene could easily play out without any nudity – she could be in her sports bra or something like that. Also later in clip there is hot kinda strip search, but sadly interrupted way too early.
Second clip is of Eliza Rycembel. Some kissing and “morning after” scene.
Third one is Michalina Łabacz in super sexy outfit, including super short shorts (I’m now all in to see her butt asap).
Forth video is super short clip of Paulina Walendziak  & Monika Roszko playing teenager lesbians and kissing each other.
Also included 2 photos Paulina and Michalina posted of them both on their insta + bts photo of Paulina in underwear.

26-year old Polish actress Paulina Szostak Nude Debut (Brief Breasts), 25-year old Polish actress Eliza Rycembel [1]Michalina Łabacz [1][2], Paulina Walendziak [1][2] & Monika Roszko [1][2][3] in Belfer [S2E5]

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