Olivia Munn in a shiny black bikini

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Herogamer555: I miss G4.

BrohanMannn: She would honestly be an amazing stripper

YourNewSextingBuddy: Seriously tho, her body in that tiny bikini…it’s so hot, it should almost be illegal.

DuntadaMan: This is going to be a weird question but how does she have this many freckles, but not on her body?

I freckle EVERYWHERE. Arms, face, back, chest, legs. Doesn’t matter, anything that gets sun is freckled.

She only seems to have them on her face.

Not that I am complaining, freckles are kind of sexy it’s just… odd.

flamehair: It sucks that she ruined her face :/

akira2218: My fav Black Knight in shiny armor

Nnamous: Almost as nice as Olivia Munn OUT of a shiny black bikini

can_bernie_still_win: Pumped and dumped by Aaron

DestroyedDaisy: I’d let her bring me shrimp cocktail.

mungbeen: Every day is Munnday

Dusk_v731: I would drag my balls through a mile of broken glass just to hear her fart through a walkie talkie.

insidekb: How old is this?

finnceleb11: Shiny tightest bikini.

Jacob981: Wish I was Harvey weinstein

yesiamoaffy: Sucks for Aaron

MGOnsala: “It’s not cheating if it’s anal.”

YourNewSextingBuddy: Just keep bringing Olivia in some lingerie, please!


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YourNewSextingBuddy: Like holy fuck, that body!

akira2218: It’s my fav day of the week……it’s Munn-day

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