Nichole Bloom in Shameless

Shutupvoices: Its the glasses, makes this around 10x hotter

fapcitybish: That guy’s gotta be one of the luckiest men in the world. Her, Emma Greenwell, and plenty of other random 10/10 women have had their naked bodies all over him, and he gets paid for it. This guy has life fuckin figured out.

bishslap: You can’t spell Nichole without hole

ickypickle: Superstore!

90sboomer: noticed r/backdimples

HighArctic: He’s givin’ her some Lip

thean0nway: [Link with sound.](

damntwisted: all of his girlfriends are so hot. the blonde, her, and the diner girl.

___OP____: I’m here for Lip

captaincanada84: Everything about her is perfect.

brshiraishi: even though nobody asked, S05E08

Yogg-saron: /r/extramile

Starg8te: I like her type.

x_shn341: Nice

bryanisbored: Her bossy attitude was also pretty hot.

Dewforever: I suddenly want to watch this show

pepboy3000: I’m watching this show now

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