Marion Cotillard in ‘Chloé’ (1996)

tres_drole: Younger and hotter than ever.

iimpressmyself: the emotions made the fap slightly more difficult, but i made it

krathil: Jesus she was a piece. Those big jugs.

takethepledge: I legit think she’s one of the most beautiful women of all time, any era.

freepepsi: God damn they look bigger in this movie

mydirtydirtyreddit: I didn’t know video of a post-Weinstein casting session existed

lakelandman: The typical sequence of events after you shit your pants. Even the feeling of shame you feel while showering.

dr_strange-love: Was the movie with Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore based on this?

Broken_Noah: That bathroom looks bigger than my apartment

privategod: r/annoyedtobenude

melkington: why would you leave a gap in the shower curtain? you’ll just get a puddle like that

Fascist_Regime: has she ever had her clothes on?

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