Lynda Carter

jonbgoodtoday: She was so hot

IamJacksUserID: Pretty sure Lynda Carter kickstarted my puberty.

B-V-M: Vermont’s greatest governor.

Alphanabla: What a woman!

Yamatoman9: She does a voice in every Bethesda game.

teo1315: Wonder-ful

shamelessnameless: fucking hell she was daddario level hot

but less hexing witch


Zambon1man: All of my young me dreams come true! Thank you.

Sektor7g: What is this from? That magazine looks like a JW Watchtower.

Jdaddy2u: Forget the twirling..THIS is how to change into costume.

dethzilla: Didn’t know I liked white women until I saw her twirl into Womder Woman…

dufus69: She’s still holding up pretty good. Her face was never as good as her body:–lynda-carter-kid.jpg

fergdawg88: Great post!

Dandbpete: A 1970 version of her can stand against most ‘it’ girls of today. She is smoking hot!!!

rinzaimedia: I love Lynda. She is so beautiful. And this made my day!

Hurkk: What a glorious specimen.

gman992: beautiful…bordering on the spectacular

mcholliwood: Wonder woman, indeed!

Anadrol: The best

munkipawse: Wow. TIL Wonder Woman went topless when she was first starting out. Beautiful woman. Glad she’s not tweaking her face.

JWN_under_the_radar: That’s certainly a beautiful pair! I’ve never seen such well-fitting jeans. Oh yeah, the boobs are nice too…

terrynutkinsfinger: Wonder Woman used to have boobs.

akira2218: This is the first time I’m watching her like this….. Guess wonder woman wasnt her kinkiest of roles

pitgfys: Remember when Wonder Woman didn’t advocate the annihilation of Lebanon.

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