Lia Marie Johnson (Implied Nudity) in Tagged (S1E8)(S2E5)

Lia Marie Johnson (Implied Nudity) in Tagged [S1E8][S2E5]

Lia Marie Johnson is a gorgeous up-comer with curves in the right places. Most prominently, her world class breasts. If everything goes to plan, we are in for possibly one of the best nude debuts of 2018. According to a Redditor, Lia is playing the role of Kat and based on Cuba Gooding Jr. comments via Deadline, the character might have been expected to perform a potentially graphic sex scene in ‘Louisiana Caviar‘. Equally important is the likelihood of the role requiring nudity. With her faraway (almost like she’s in a deep thought) and rather pensive facade, there’s something messed-up about Lia that suggest she was in the right place at the right time for on-cam exploitation by an Oscar winner. I’m desperately hoping Cuba didn’t screw-up things for the pervs by dropping the nudity in exchange for a blowjob by/sex with the angelic Lia. It also depended on the busty one getting her priorities straight. Hopefully Lia reminded Cuba to maintain their relationship at pro level – politely telling him to fuck-off because she was ready and eager to show off her fab figure : )


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