Lake Bell & Katie Aselton (Full Frontal) in Black Rock (2012)

Lake Bell (Full Frontal), Miss Maine Teen 1995 Katie Aselton Nude Debut (Full Frontal) & Kate Bosworth in Black Rock (2012)

Q: I know this has come up probably in every single interview, but the body-warming scene is pretty memorable. But it reminded me of the old rule I’ve always heard about making horror films that if you include nudity and lots of blood, someone will pick it up for distribution. 

Katie Aselton: [laughs] I don’t know if that’s the reason why people put in nudity, but I definitely think that’s part of the genre, and in us doing it, it was definitely a very conscious nod of like, “Okay, I’ll put some boobs in there. I’m going to do it the way I want to do it, and it’s going to be totally non-sexual and like a survival tactic, but sure, I’ll follow your rules.”
I love that scene. It’s my favorite scene. At first, you’re like, “Oh, cool. These chicks are going to take their clothes off, and then before you know it you totally forget that they are naked, which is so cool.
I had to talk to Lake about it and have her sign off on how naked we were going to get, and it’s weird, because I was expecting her to be like “I’ll do boobs, but I wont go whole hog.”
So I was like, “It’s written that we are naked naked, like fully naked. How cool are you with this?”
She was like “Well, you’re right next to me, so if we are doing this, we’re doing this, and I’m ready.”
I was like “Oh, okay. Great.” It was one of those “Shit, I’m getting naked.” I’ve never even done partial nudity; I’m going straight from nothing to everything, “Okay!”
Then I had the realization like three days before we shot it, I saw Lake walk across the room and I was like “Oh shit, I have to get naked next to Lake Bell! What woman in her right mind casts Lake Bell as the girl she has to get naked to? I’m going to look like a 12-year-old boy.”
So that happened. But yeah, there was a conversation.
It’s not like I’m dying to take my clothes off in a movie, but for the right reasons, in the right context.
So I guess if you’re going to get naked, that’s how you should do it. And Lake felt the same way, like “I’m not going to do it in a gratuitous stupid way, but this is really the right way to do it.”

– (May 17 2013)


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