Kim Allen (Brief Breasts) in Sex Guaranteed (2017)

32-year old actress-model Kim Allen [1][2][3][4] Nude Debut (Brief Breasts) in Sex Guaranteed (2017)

Gorgeous Kim first caught my eye in ABC series Army Wives. Came for Kim Delaney, stayed for a much younger and babelicious Kim. Tragically, her character was killed off in S1 (was planning to stop watching the show but they brought on ‘massively’ talented Katelyn Pippy to play the new Emmalin in S2).
Leggy Kim also models occasionally and based on her film credits so far, it appears she handled her acting career in the same way : |
I was hoping Kim would have gone on to become a small screen fixture, building up her credentials before landing a sweet spot on a top notch ensemble series. I was dead wrong. Showing her face here and there, Kim finally shows her boobs in a crappy flick.
Admittedly, I’m surprised she doffed her top off in the movie but equally surprised to see criminally underrated Stephen Dorff in it (probably paid him with coke and chicks).
Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe this is Kim nude debut.

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