Keira Knightley

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cheddartosser: This is from an Esquire magazine shoot. I remember buying the issue for some reason and this image always stuck out to me.

Also I think the interview was promoting the movie Domino. Sounded like an interesting film, but I never did see it.

Memelord001: Pink nipples

Drunk stripper keep on going

poopydagawna: She has a huge gash on her right thigh…

hehecool: Jeez this belongs on /r/WTF

TeutanicTitwillow: Yeah, this isn’t fun “she’s tipsy and clumsy but she’s still dancing, what a good sport”, this is “dear god, won’t somebody help her? She is a danger to herself and others, she needs someone to give her a bath and tuck her into bed.”

This isn’t hot, this is just sad.

ThatOneNuge: This is not sexy no-inhibitions drunk. This is dangerous please-let-me-call-you-a-cab drunk.

forpornalt: How fucked up is she that she keeps going after that

NefariousMcG: She is dedicated to her profession.

proudnewamerican: is she make self dizzy from do stripper spin? what happen her?

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