Kate Upton on the catwalk

bigjames2002: Justin Verlander is a lucky man….*damn!*

maverick1684: God she jiggles in the right places.

SocialRoutine: Her legs are so weird!

KULover36: Hater hate on her all the time but she a gorgeous woman.

Andaroodle: Don’t get me wrong, I still would, but every time I see her…less and less.

bitchestakemyadvice: No ass, shapeless legs.

Salesweasel: She really needs to work out and tone up some. She has little to no definition.

lilproman9: +1 for the ass being there too

dude_202: I’m seeing double…4 Kate Uptons!

Deus_Ex_Mortum: For a second there, I saw 4 Kate Upton’s

roofied_elephant: Eww. Where’s her waist?

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ZeroCorpse: I can’t get into her. She has always looked like a grown-up Honey Boo-Boo to me.

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