Kate Mara

Mr_Beardsly: He’s very good at acting like he likes that.

Mr_Beardsly: Your tits are too big, and your dick is too small.

bastardstepchild: And he’s like “please have a dick, please have a dick, please have a dick…”

nospambert: Are those her real buttocks or does she have a double. I just recently learned nudity doubles even existed.

GALACTICA-Actual: Kate Mara has a nice butt.

Iphoneo: Isn’t she a bit old for him?

Throwawayfappin: Something something Kevin Spacey joke

Talisman314: Ive been a big fan of Kate Mara since Shooter when she was wearing a see through white shirt

MandarPurav: Soon

jodylegend: I thought this whole thing was a joke I thought he was put in the scene.

SheldonCooper34: This is her body double right?

iamthehorsemaster: “I, too, have an ass you know?”

jparr02: doesnt have the same feel now that spacey is out as a friggin creeper

korbowicz: “…nah, too old”

friendlycordyceps: Ohhhhhh that’s unfortunate.

SenaVII: I stopped watching once she “left” tbh

llitaslemon: a further scene involved Spacey giving Kate oral sex… I wonder how much alcohol he needed to even consider doing it

krathil: It’s too bad that Kate Mara getting nude in front of a dude was wasted on Kevin Spacey who wouldn’t properly appreciate it.

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ezshucks: ZOE!

MandarPurav: Soon

dave70a: That ratio tho

Oakdalewarrior: She is amazing..

gooneryoda: I’d give her the worst 30 seconds of her life.

DumbStuff88: I’ll never let any one like that walk away untouched lol
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