Judie Aronson (T&A) in Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter-Part 4 (1984)

19-year old actress Judie Aronson [1][2] Nude/Feature Film Debut (T&A), 26-year old English actress Camilla More Nude Debut (Brief T&A), 26-year old English actress Carey More Nude Debut (Brief T&A), 27-year old actress Barbara Howard (Sexy+Nude Body Double), Lisa Freeman [1] (Sexy), Joan Freeman & Kimberly Beck in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter-Part 4 (1984) [1]

Barbara Howard (Sara) got a body double. When they offered her a part she said she wouldn’t do nudity. They eventually called back saying she needed to do nudity but she could have a body double.


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