Jennifer Aniston

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Djamesmartin: When I see this I can only see Rachel, which makes it even better.

Cyanides_Of_March: The one time you can’t see her nipples.

btbartak: Don’t know when this was taken, but I like it. I like it alot!!!
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neotheseventh: Wow, apparently image from 2000 and yet I have never seen it!!

wumboslice: It’s incredible how sexy she is.

brazil7085: And people still want to know why Friends was such a big hit lol

viperex: Are you sure?

Dantheman159: That water looks cold as shit

SentientPeach: I’ll tell you watt up

I_ASK_WEIRD_QUES: holy shit I always saw her as a mom figure :O

Young Jennifer Aniston
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JackTheKing: HoF

NedShah: Yeap. She certainly was a cutie. She’s still hot in a mature kind of way but she was CUTE back then

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