Irene Azuela in The Obscure Spring

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pedrito77: The first scene of the movie is surreal….and it is also a somewhat extramile.

warfighter02: I’ve always found this scene to be curious:

Firstly, imho I feel that this is one of the best mainstream sex scenes ever, if not the best. From Irene’s gyrating boobs which are not too big but yet handful enough and the wild bucking of her shapely hips and butt as she grinds on top of the guy… and the fact that the guy has a raging erection and she doesn’t seem to be wearing any so-called “modesty patches”. It’s one hell of a raw, unhibited straight to point kind of a sex scene.

I really wonder if the guy’s erection is pre-planned as part of the sex scene choreography or it was just a heat of the moment thing after doing so many takes. And its a bit amusing to wonder if the director had indeed asked him to get hard for the scene; “mind giving me a minute Irene, I’m trying to get me johnson up (while vigorously jerking off in front of a naked Irene Azuela)?” LOL wonder what Irene’s thoughts were as she stares at her co-star’s raging hard-on…

Another note, did anyone notice the obvious cut during the woman-on-top sequence? Initially we can clearly see Irene practically grinding the full length of the guy’s erection, and a few moments later during the close up and after we can only see the guy’s balls hanging out under Irene’s bubbly butt. I wonder where did his shaft go? Did it went inside her? Or else how did they hide it?

Smut_Broker: Can anyone point me to a good 1080p HD clip of this or the full movie, been looking forever.


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