I thoroughly enjoyed Eva Amurri’s performance in Californication S03E03

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Eva Amurri (Susan Sarandon’s daughter)
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joedelgato: Great tits, incredible hips

Colinmacus: Californication always had the hottest babes.

devilnawf: [momma bear] (–susan-sarandon-nude-gif.jpg)

orbitingmonkeys779: Every generation gets hotter. Thank god fore Susan Sarandon…

DomForU21: She has the same sexy lips her mother has….

Bluesbreaker: She has her mothers tits

Swarleymon: Touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me, I want to be dirty….

RicktatorshipRulez: Thank the gods

dlcjr1775: Did not know that. Makes me wish more people had fucked Susan Sarandon.

FlyingAshtray45: Can I get a side-by-side of mother and daughter?

toothbrush7: Yes Miss Mcgarricle

meangrampa: If you watch this upside down her breasts defy gravity except the last bit at the end. They’re lovely regardless of gravity.

Poopsmith_McUnty: amazing tits

IneffableIgnorance42: You should check out White Palace if you like these. Go on back to the source material.

Bosh119: Its a shame she gave up acting to become a Mother and blogger. But hey, each to their own.

Constrictor68: Holy shit.

UsuallyInappropriate: Oh my fapness

ash-leg2: Hahaha, I loled when she turned upside down, I was not expecting that.

Sum1Important: Looks like Karlie Montana a bit

stockgod90: Well damn.

lhedn: From?

Godfather_5: One of the best tits I ever saw

EggMcMaggot: So much hotter than her mother

purpleorchiddude: Wow

abdelrahmanbattah: Source

bloody_noodle: She reminds me of Natasha leggero

62AnalWartsInMyMouth: 2/10. Wouldn’t watch again.


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