Hall of Fame WatchItForThePlot Highlight Reel — Part 2

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ThatsJoeCool: Thanks for all your suggestions from part one! I increased the amount of time dedicated to each actress as a direct result of your advice. Please continue with name/scene suggestions for the next parts (I have the names suggested in the comments of part 1 saved — however, feel free to recommend them again, as the ones that are mentioned/upvoted most will obviously be more likely to be included in future parts).

ALSO, I noticed a few comments about the quality of gfy last time. There should be no blurriness, as I rip from 1080p/720p sources and upload everything in HD webm to gfycat, so I was a bit confused. I investigated and discovered that, in some cases, toggling HD to off when viewing the gfy ironically increases the quality a great deal. I don’t know why this is the case, but if you are seeing something that looks like crap, try doing that to get full HD. Also, viewing in the Reddit app also makes it look like crap.

Part 1:

*Hall of Famers Part 2:*

Rosario Dawson – Trance

Anne Hathaway – Havoc

Amber Heard – The Informers

Ali Cobrin – American Reunion

Heather Graham – Killing Me Softly

sleazoid: Great stuff. Ideally, I’d like to see a list of the actresses in the post.

silentmikhail: was the informers any good of a movie?


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