Gal Gadot – first try


Image result for Gal Gadot nude

TheGreatRedDragon256: Wow, its great, man.

pm_me_a_sexybit: Aside from the resolution, this is amazing

BonafideKarmabitch: who was the girl on the blowjob?

Gfycat_Details_Fixer: [Proper Gfycat URL](

^^I’m ^^just ^^a ^^bot, ^^bleep, ^^bloop. [^^[Why?]]( [^^[Source ^^code]](

Crumpeh: Source for the scenes?

zorb9009: It says Gad on the first part. Super well done apart from that.

x_shn341: I love this sub. <3

Killer_tomateos11: Do you have the source for the blowjob scene? Looks a lot like someone I know

DominusTemporis11th: And here I thought Gadot’s favorite hobby was using her recent celebrity platform to promote Zionism. That must be a close second now.

jesusmohammed: She’s too motherly to be sexually objectified.

Image result for Gal Gadot nude

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