Full scene of Jennifer Connelly in The Hot Spot at 19


help_me_destiny: And in high quality

ImAlwaysHardMode: EnHANCE

goofball_jones: That movie also had one of my other favorites around that time, Virginia Madsen.

tricksterson: So who was the other woman?


Codysnow31: The other post established she’s actually 18 in this film.

_z3r0__: yep i can definitely see her butthole, god bless this movie

Jennifer Connelly at 21 [NSFW]

aplusp: [One more from the same shoot](

txea929: Orgasmic … she was incredibly hot, in every way

Dead_Starks: The [Jennifer Connelly at 21]( that I remember.

owencrump: THAT is the Jennifer Connelly we really love!

irishcheeseman: Rocketeer era..mmmm

pathguy961: I will always upvote JC!

RicktatorshipRulez: Fuuuuuuck 😩😩😩

iodinered: My god!! Are there more of these?

PokeMasterWrath: Shame those are gone now

seanopryisagod: Jennifer Connelly has some fantastic titties

rcdubbs: Holy shit.

NewNormandy7: Jennifer doing ass to ass with a double headed dildo was great.

luke_skyjacker: I want to spray those with semen like a dog wants to hose down a fire hydrant.

Lipstickvomit: And at 42.

Pez-Fez: “I don’t want these tits, because Hollywood.”

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Jennifer Connelly

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