Former K-Pop Idol Park Kyoung-hee AKA Hanbi (Brief T&A) in 17 Sexual Fantasies Of A Man (2017)

27-year old former K-Pop Idol-singer-dancer-model-actress Park Kyoung-hee AKA Hanbi [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16] Nude Debut (Brief T&A) in 17 Sexual Fantasies Of A Man (2017)

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Former K-Pop Idol Park Kyoung-hee AKA Hanbi segueing into acting shouldn’t be a surprise at all with her movie star looks, sexy bod, sparkling personality and natural (screen & stage) presence. What’s amazing is that she chose her first female lead role to be one that requires extensive frontal nudity. Kyoung-hee auditioned for the part. The female director must have been impressed by her fearlessness, commitment and enthusiasm.
Considering 17SFOAM is a sex-themed rom-com (and based on popular adult webtoon) and not all out softcore/erotic flick, there’s always going to be a humorous element to the sex scenes and the way characters react to them. I was starting to get a bit worried and impatient with Kyoung-hee‘s fleeting nude shots only to be amply rewarded past the hour mark with nice views of her boobs in a lengthy sex scene. Love her fake moans. In what has now become a familiar part of Korean R-rated love scenes, the lucky dude sucked the juice out of her pointy nips.
Miss Kyoung-hee first attracted attention when she joined newly formed K-Pop girl group TURAN as the lead singer back in 2013. Her K-Pop Idol name was Hanbi. Due to massive popularity of K-Pop music industry, countless Idol groups of middling quality show up on the scene. Only handful survives and makes it to the bottom tier of fans choice list. The rest struggles for relevance before disappearing into obscurity. Sadly, TURAN belongs to the latter. Couple of albums later, TURAN was M.I.A by 2015 (apparently they rebooted the group under new name HINT. Park Kyoung-hee AKA Hanbi is no longer on the roster).
Instead of focusing on a solo singing career, Kyoung-hee was bitten by the acting bug and signed a contract with reps Narin Entertainment in 2015. Well aware of plastic surgery craze in Korea, Kyoung-hee has that dreamy, gorgeous face (full lips, bedroom eyes, upturned nose and cute toothy smile) and ‘natural’ perky breasts that will surely make her a popular casting choice for similar adult-themed movies in months ahead (unless she decides this going to be her first and only nude role).



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* nude clips of other female cast members not included in Mega.Co.Nz and Vimeo link

Hanbi of Girls Group TURAN: Sexy In Winter (2015)

Bang Bang Bang: TURAN

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