Federica Tommasi giving head in “Fallo!” (2003)


Lewdittor: Oh I remember this movie, “Fallo!”, from a discussion on sreviews.

Some people brought up that it was a Tinto Brass movie, and he was really well known for using prosthetic penises. And how most penises in his movies that get head:

– never go fully hard, and are always jelly-soft, and
– are only just pulled out of pants’ zippers

Except for that one scene in this movie where the guy was fully naked (but he only gets an explicit handjob, the blowjob is CONCEALED, further adding to the mystery if that is really the case). And strangely enough, the only one who wasn’t as well-endowed as the “jelly-hard penises pulled out of zippers” was that guy.

BUT then, Federica Tommasi is a known-pornstar though, so some were arguing that her scene could have been realistic, even if the others weren’t (it still counts as extra mile either way as she was massaging his crotch during the blowjob). And his penis supposedly looked “more realistic” than the other ones given head in Brass’ movies (and that it was just pulled out of the zipper to “blend in” with the other prosthetic scenes).

I remember this discussion was actually not just on this movie, but this one, another one called “All Ladies Do It” (Cosi Fan Tutte), and a couple more other Tinto Brass movies. They all had “jelly-hard penises pulled out of pants zippers”, BUT a few claimed that the cock being sucked by Federica looked WAY MORE REALISTIC that all the other ones.

**Disclaimer**: many statements might be inaccurate, I’m just typing this out from memory of what I read back then, and I haven’t really seen the whole movie

Ah, I miss sreviews, so much discussion on there, even with softcore scenes like Christine Nguyen, “shadow blowjobs” in softcores (i.e. confirmed unsimulated unshown BJs due to shadows), and borderline softcore scenes like Akira Lane’s (before she went full hardcore).

8rowen: Holy. Fuck. The little smile at the end

bearded1der80: My only question is, how is he only semi-rigid?

BumHand: Is this a legit movie or a just a porn disguised as one?

eros–guy: First shot has a foreskin, which is tough to add to a prosthetic (I assume) but subsequent scenes do not. Real then fake?

dannonon: Hey baby pull in your mouth so you can see how it tastes

dayalanadina: fake nob

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