Esther Studer fingered by Nanda Van Bergen in “Love Camp” (1977)


jayman419: The way this is shot and framed, I’d be pretty surprised if it was the named actresses rather than a B-roll cut in.

Usually when they paid for the name to go extra mile, they’ll pan down instead of jump cutting.

dirtypictureaccount: “this one time, at Love Camp …”

DS_Lite: (I think I have the actresses right, but I’m happy to be corrected!)


spankasmurf: Reminds of a time long ago when I first got my hand on a pussy and trying to figure out where everything was in all that hair LOL…who am I kidding, it was last Tuesday 🙁

Lina Romay and Esther Studer – Frauen ohne Unschuld (1978

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