Emily Ratajkowski

phlekk: Goddess

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tyler8durden8: One of the hottest women to ever walk the planet. Made a billion times hotter because she’s also smart and (seemingly) very cool.

somf6969: Gibby was a lucky little bastard

bimmom90: Pretty sure I’ve seen her nipples more my own, not complaining.

klasmedak: Why do they always have to pull that face? Can’t they just smile? *sigh*


thamco: I love that she knows how stupid it is

sirjackiechiles: Perfect

mjs_pj_party: Please be careful with those!!!

ImTheCaptaiinNow: [r/bigboobproblems](

[deleted]: [deleted]

biikad: Her tits look smaller

halfcabfullcab: Remember, she hates those because she can’t get acting jobs.

Emily Ratajkowski

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The_Accountant1: Damn.

Ronan2100: Damn that ass so perfect position

thebladex666: More from this shoot??

awnshelliott: Hnghhh

undercover_blanket: fish lips

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