Emilia Clarke – GOT – Boatsex [OC]


Spidermonkey23: Someone could probably do a better job at this.
Naomi Woods – Don’t break me

LionelFrampton: LMAO! This is amazing


reubnick: I don’t care how many times I see this, it will still never be enough for me.

Dinosaur_BBQ: Yeah but where is Jon Snow’s Ass.

slopedbookcase: How old was she in the books?

Galaxy__: damn this must be a new one. from which show/movie is this ?

dilligafnow: I don’t care I like them

IAmTheManBat: man, those titties look like a high school freshman… awkward and sad

FreckleWrecker_010: Cool post, it’s only the 5000000000000th time I’ve seen her tits on Reddit. Enjoy the really cheap karma.

cmd_1211: As much as i enjoy seeing this…hasn’t this been posted enough times?

tchueh: Mother of dragons!

alkapariah: Most over rated woman in hollywood. Fat arms. Im sure HBO would buy her a bowflex or something so she can do some curls.

calvin1973: mmm this is nice

AwwwwYeeeee: CGI tits

Emilia Clarke on Esquire



krathil: Such a dumpy little fat ass. I love it. Soft and squishy.

p53Rb: Better quality (and with her eyes open):

hey_im_troy_mcclure: Sweet arse, and tits.

BroIGotThis2017: I’d clap her cheeks for free.

SmartButtCracker: Her frumpy and thick butt looks like it belongs on a middle aged milf, which makes her that much hotter…. I’ll bet it feels so soft and squishy and tastes like peach cobbler.

dsr541: I’m rewatching the series now and damn if she isn’t just hotter in the earlier seasons. I can’t figure out what it is, makeup or maybe just being oversaturated by the later seasons.

neotheseventh: T H I C C

MaesterTuan: She has tighten up a lot since season 1..

umyninja: I remember when GoT premiered I was home that Sunday evening and couldn’t find anything to watch. I said what the hell and gave this new show about thrones and kings a shot. Seeing her like this in the first few minutes had me hooked immediately.

LeviathanDementia: Mmm looking so nice

MekeniMan: Nice

ImjustmashingShoryu: Best girl

FourthAge: Didn’t she have a body double for some shots or am I mistaken?

drizzyjdracco: Wish I could marry her!

revicon: It is known

Racer99: Never seen this before! Great new pics!

Hoops_McCan: Shes got those armpit hanger boobs and a dumpy, slop ass.

malIlIllllIII: lol, why is karma so important to you?

[deleted]: [deleted]

mgElitefriend: Could it be her double?

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