Demi Lovato twerking in Halloween costume

Demi Lovato – Protect and serve 👮🏻‍♀️😜 Happy Halloween 🎃

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LostintheHOOD: Not complaining but not exactly twerking.

BladeSingerKote: When did that become twerking?

sirjackiechiles: Damn imagine how good that feels…

scoobydoobeydoo: W…was that twerking?

hoobla587: She seems very unathletic. Her movements are so stiff and jiggly.


TheSpartan117: Call it whatever you want but i want her doing it on my face!

EaseDel: Secretary’s ass

Grryffindor: Yes

jv1995: That’s a fucking amazing booty.

Clavo_PR: She looks thick in that costume.

YpsitheFlintsider: That’s one stiff ass back, but I wouldn’t complain

toomuchphilosophy: NSFW dude!

Starg8te: #downvoted as there’s a saturation of this talentless hack’s hween pics on reddit. Please help me downvote them. Can’t wait till she gets in the octagon and gets her ass handed to her.

Demi Lovato and her thick thighs

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pipe01: Lmao that guy

indecentdisclosure: If that guy is paid security isn’t he getting sexually harassed at work?

ninenerd: they have always been thick.
Crowd must go wild at those.

fuckingfuckyou: Imagine if that was backwards..people would lose their minds

paradoxpizza: She knows how to pick her outfit especially the bottom half.

AlentejoBarovero: The luckiest man in the world.


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