Dakota Johnson

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txea929: Nice ass

wanknuts: Would tap all day if I could


Zpangus: I don’t get why girl that has nude scenes in several movies wants to cover up like this. Like really

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jameshunter35: I would like to thank who ever made that bikini.

AK_Trout_Slayer: [Album](

mrmaninblack2: Nice little landing strip.

thePhoneOperater: Lovely little landing strip. That’s some bomb pussy right there.

CeilingCarpet: Enhance.

Gigalithhh: I don’t mean to sound over-dramatic, but this is legitimately one of the hottest pics on this sub

hampton93: Love this picture

mashek: I will never stop upvoting this picture, no matter how many times it’s been posted here.

Lomax0506: Not bad. Not bad at all.

d3spicabl3m3: this is a pleasant surprise 😀

wanknuts: Would fuck the shit out of her….

UnsatisfactoryPun: But do you ever wonder what it’s like for people who are super hot?

JackItJackItJackIt: I loved her in The Office

bobobill: Somebody’s smuggling peanuts.

jawsgst: I don’t think this bikini will ever get old for me

2h1j2h3k12h: Ew

born2run6: Are there any auditions for 50 shades of grey 4? Oh my my.

tyler8durden8: About .023% being left to the imagination. That’s about as low as you get before you think “she might as well just be naked.”

Joeturbo750: She ugly

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