Dagny Backer Johnsen (Breasts) in Vikings [S5E7]

24-year old Norwegian actress Dagny Backer Johnsen [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10] (Breasts), Ida (Marie) Nielsen, Mei Bignall, Katheryn Winnick, Georgia Hirst, Josefin Asplund, Kelly Campbell & Leah McNamara in Vikings [S5E7]

Dagny was in Lofoten to film a British short film when she received a phone asking if she would be interested to accept a recurring role in Vikings.
The year before, she had auditioned for another part on the hit show but did not get it. Dagny was a frequent Vikings auditionee with nothing to show for her efforts until the role of Snaefrid was offered to her.
“I personally think this role is far much substantial and cooler than the one I originally read for” claimed Dagny enthusiastically.
Although she hopes her casting in Vikings will open doors for new projects both at home and abroad, Hollywood is not necessarily for her.
“I hope that it leads to new things, but I don’t think so much about where it will take me. I care more if the role will be cool to audition for” 


Dagny Backer Johnsen began her acting career at the National Theatre of Bergen, Norway in 2005 and has since participated in a number of productions at the National Theatre and Vestlandske Teatersenter.

On screen she is known for her role as the farmgirl Daisy in the Little Grey Fergie films, and has played leading roles in a handful of shorts.

She was the lead in the Canadian feature film Violent, which premiered in 2014 and earned her a Best Actress nomination from the Vancouver Critics Circle.

In 2016 she was one of the featured actors to attend the Actors Studio at Berlinale Talents during the Berlinale film festival.

Dagny Tits: Photography by Linnca Lysvold

(via xcddf)

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