Cara Delevingne

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PM_ME_ALL_OF_REDDIT: enhance! ohhh ok its a bodysuit.

yakov_perelman: She is cocky, goofy and damn pretty. Seen her interviews. She has a nice accent too.


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p53Rb: She has such a cute ass

ZenthonNebula: I see DareDevil left his mark

szekeres81: Hank hill butt

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StevieBeMadness: She always has this face, where I feel like she is seconds away from telling someone to “fuck off”

Luison1999: Fucken hot

RicktatorshipRulez: Good lord, she is sooo fucking fine 😩😩😩

babaroga73: Ugly looking owl creature is turning me gay. Fuck off, super rich daughters back to your mansions , looking for public validation and all.

No talent ugly bitch, polluting my media.

Ever wondered how average looking eyebrow freaks get to be a sudden supermodel, then quickly turn into major movie star, with no appearent qualities ?

Look no further than her family fortunes.

She is a nothing, yet she keeps being everywhere.

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0FAPD0: B a b e

riotgear78: Even naked she looks like shit.

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