Birgundi Baker (Brief T&A) in The Chi [S1E1]

25-year old actress-dancer-singer-stage artist Birgundi (Angel) Baker [1][2][3][4][5][6] Nude Debut (Brief T&A), Kristina Emerson, Hannaha Hall, Tai’isha Davis & Tiffany Boone in The Chi [S1E1]


Birgundi Angel Baker is a bubbly triple threat (actor, singer and dancer) from Raleigh North Carolina.

At the age of nine, she became Kraft’s “Blue Box Kid”. It was then that she discovered her love for acting, dancing and singing.

As a graduate from Howard University’s Musical Theatre Program, Birgundi has performed in dance concerts, musicals, plays and cabarets. Some of her leading theatre credits include Bubbly in “The Bubbly Black Girl”, Cookie in “Hurt Village”, Malika in “Breathe, Boom” and Danielle in”Dontrell, who Kissed the Sea”.

Birgundi moved to Chicago Illinois as an acting instructor for the youth. After attending the Launch Showcase, she signed with Gray Talent Group and broke into the world of television of film.

In her spare time she loves to write and choreograph.

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