Aubrey Plaza opens up about her leaked video (sound)


fuxtaposer1: Here’s an alternate version without the music and Aubrey’s commentary over the video [link](

Here’s a link to just the leaked part [link](

And here’s the source for the interview [link](


skonen_blades: I didn’t even recognize her in the interview part for a second. All that standard beauty makeup and the new hair. Wild.

NSFWies: Dam, is this new? I don’t remember videos or sound.

WendyLRogers3: I think celebrities would benefit a lot from doing private pornos, when they are at their peak, to save for “rainy days”. Erotic photoshoots and even triple x action could make them some quick money and get them back in the limelight quickly during a slump, or after some career killing scandal.

professional_lureman: Is that Cytheria moaning?

firstimeopen: This is REALLY well done. Kudos!

x_shn341: Well. I’m off whacking my meat tonight

rolanglarong: Incredible! Keep it up

WilliamisMiB: This is awesome

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