Anne Hathaway forgetting her bra during a red carpet television interview

toy283sc: Pix of this have been out ten years or so, why have I never seen this before?

help_me_destiny: I never knew she met President Getty Images!

ShelSilverstain: Anne, I see you let the girls out to play. Can you tell me something nobody cares about so we can broadcast them live on TV?

gaoh: playing the eye contact game

biikad: Who is this u/PM_ME_UR_BOOBS_CUTIE guy and how does he find this stuff?

almostrambo: Getty Images for the win.

yash019: Never have my eyes ever been glued so intently to one section of a gif

Shutupvoices: >swn gush over me being a forward young man

This is my least favorite life

MikeyLust: Gif was removed

Rocko9999: Anne’s Hathaways

Gigatronz: Yes Anne, Also by the way we can all see your boobies but lets pertend like were all not focusing on that and have an interview.

cujohead: What am I missing here?

Callofapple123: No bra!

She had sex with Harvey Weinstein, you know.

paschpacca: Self absorbed. Great rack. It’s tough it’s tough.

rshabibi: Wow, id fuck hard

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