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Lucawester: This is like a porn intro

TopShelf46: Source:

jv1995: Fucking hell. 10/10 ass.

Hamlet1305: Her brother Kylo is a dick.

DanielsJacket: Just do porn already and get it over with.

mightytwin21: Is any part of her original anymore?

CaptainFlint05711: She used to be naturally beautiful. Now she’s as synthetic as a Kardashian. What a waste

pm_me_sexy_celebs: What did she do?!

thndrstrk: Jesus

Indie__Guy: wtf she do to her lips

SpaceBooterfly: Wtf are these shitty jump cuts.

sundevilz: Gotta love the LOVE Advent Calendar

YuriJackoffski: this cheeky broad is hot ass fuck lets get that right shall we ?

ccrraapp: Butt implants?

CaptainAmortgagica: Let’s change this sub to r/“celebs”. Or maybe r/trashyinstagrammodelwannabes

Veganpuncher: Welp. No more /r/Starlets for her.

KenNoisewater_PHD: Wow

Stonewise: “End table ass” – Method Man / Red Man

KnightofR3N: Ooooouuuu god damn! 🤯🤯🤯

lifeson106: Now that is what I call improper workout attire


ezshucks: why pasties?

Zpangus: I like her better no tan

UnsatisfactoryPun: “A hug can be more helpful than 100 compliments.” – Kim Namjoon

NbaSlaminDubs: All that skin and she’s still wearing pasties. Damn. Maybe someday we’ll see her nipples

JuanSpiceyweiner: Hella ass 😵

jobuness: Watch the video around 13 seconds you can see the but implant scars

blackirishlad: please tell me she does a 16 hour long documentary series of this

theputzmeister: When did her ass get so ridiculously fat (and not in a good way)? implants?

ChuckS117: I can fap to this.

Drdonotcare: Well damn. I guess I’ll have to unzip. Jesus

Servicemaster: Ya know, I never really thought too much about what it means to model but really think about that. Let it. Sink. In.

RuntheMonster: Dat butt wink though.

Throah24: Weird. Gross. Dumb.

rogerwilc0x: I used to be really into her, but all the plastic surgery has really ruined her appeal for me. Both her face and boobs are comically fake now.

tigolbities64: Holy fuck

Estarlord: She’s wearing pasties

ctk80: Oh NOO.. WTF have she done to her face??

Noopster_: She looks awful, and I used to be really into her. What a waste.

IceCreamBeavers: [Source](

Toosh416: Kylo should really look into what his sister’s been up to

jv1995: Hot as fuck. Definitely in the Top 5 of the sexiest ones this year.

UnsatisfactoryPun: Lovins before bed so good put my ass to sleep

ipeefreeli: She looks like she aged 20 years now.

TrimMyGooch: Sweet ass hole baby now Let’s see that pussy

JonnyArtois: That face is not good now.

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GlamorousCuttlefish: [Bonus pic!](

(Brought to you by /r/windowbeauty. Please enjoy.)

upstoregrab: Sweet jesus.

gorionn: Good ol’ times before she turned into plastic doll.

txea929: Good lord

Young_Jedi510: this is before her boob job

I_Cane: Ooofff.

deANDREWjordan: Shes everything u could ever dream off😍😍

crvN: surgery…

PM_ME_ALL_OF_REDDIT: she (in my opinion) is a very good example of why marriage is bullshit. if she wants it, she is getting it.

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