Aleksandra Popławska (Nude) in Miasto skarbów [S1E6] (2017)

by VisitorQ

Aleksandra has two brief nude scenes: walking naked in her house, showing her butt and second one in bath tube showing boob to her female ex-lover while chatting with her via facetime. The actress who plays her sister, Magdalena Różdżka is real sexy in a implied nudity sex scene. The third actress Kaja Walden (who plays their mother in flashbacks) in a couple of impied nude scenes as well.

Polish actress Aleksandra Popławska [1] (Sexy), 39-year old Polish actress Magdalena Różczka [1][2] (Implied Nudity) & 27-year old Polish actress Kaja Walden [1][2][3][4] (Implied Nudity) in Miasto skarbów [S1E6] (2017)

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