Nope it’s not as crazy as it sounds and don’t worry she’s not going to be cutting off any of her husband’s parts.

Entertainment Weekly reported the The Ugly Truth actress stars in a new PSA for, which serves to encourage pet owners to spay and neuter their cats and dogs.

In the video the 33-year-old jokes that she’s not an animal lover, she just “hates testicles!”

And since it’s not legal to “cut the nuts off human men…yet,” she chooses to dedicate her “time to the neutering of dogs because that’s legal.”

Us Weekly also obtained an exclusive, behind the scenes photo of a topless Heigl posing with a cute canine, who covers up her own puppies.

The actress has long been an advocate for animals and even founded the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, named after her late brother who died 25 years ago when he was just 15.

In the PSA, which was sponsored by her foundation and Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die, husband Josh Kelley makes a cameo at the end asking for his balls back. LOL!

Heigl encourages viewers to donate money to The funds raised will help her foundation prevent animal cruelty. Check out the entire video below.

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