Katie Holmes may have done it last month on the show, How I Met Your Mother. Demi Lovato appeared to do it at the recent Latin Grammys. Tori Spelling just did it on Twitter, or so the blurry image suggests. And Courtney Love just did it at a premiere for the children’s film, Hugo.

Nip slipping — the intentional or unintentional exposure of one’s nipple in front of a large audience.

The practice is nothing new with entertainers from Claire Danes to Lindsay Lohan to Taylor Swift to Eva Longoria (and many others) being snapped with a nip hanging out over the years. And who can forget Janet Jackson’s nip slip during the Super Bowl halftime entertainment, an act that generated numerous probes from prying attorneys and federal investigators.

But it seems that more and more actresses are nip slipping these days and it makes this reporter wonder if it’s unintentional at all. The nip slip generates a tremendous amount of press, which is the Mother’s Milk (forgive the pun) of female entertainers. So long as the actress doesn’t mind a little embarrassment, slipping a nip can be a sure fire way to get people talking about you again.

So the next time you read about a nip slip, ask yourself: Was that truly a slip-up?

Amber Tamblyn’s slip up at the Emmys … But we love Katy Holmes better …

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