Ashely Tisdale has a sexy double bikini weekend! I had a double bacon cheese burger weekend myself, and it wasn’t nearly as sexy. (INF Daily)

Megan Fox takes the stepkid to the Puss in Boots premiere in a pair of tight jeans. (Moe Jackson)

The 31 Sluttiest Halloween Costumes of All Time, including Kim Kardashian’s Jasmine. (Celeb Slam)

Haley Joel Osment’s features haven’t changed since he was 11, but his head is twice as large, so it looks like someone took his picture with a fish-eye lens. It’s fuckin’ creepy, man. (The Blemish)

Will Ferrell receives the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. I guess they didn’t see “Semi-Pro” or “Blades of Glory.” (Bitten & Bound)

Lea Michele shows off her cleavage in a sexy black… um, I don’t know what the hell that is. A shorts suit, maybe? Anyway, boobs. There you go. (Evil Beet)

Demi Moore tries to go for sexy in a little red dress, and it might have worked if she didn’t look like she should be haunting a lake somewhere. (Hollywood Rag)

Olivia Wilde has East German hammer-thrower thighs. (popoholic)

90210′s Jessica Lowndes looking ridiculously hot in FHM because it’s Monday and Monday sucks. (The Grumpiest)

Kimberly Stewart shows of her new bastard child Delilah on the cover of OK! Magazine. (Celebitchy)

Because you should always start off your week with a hearty dose of AWESOME. (Caveman Circus)

Porn star Bibi Jones is nailin’ Rob Gronkowski? I dunno, there were a lot of words and names I didn’t know. I just went with the ones I recognized. (Busted Coverage)

Lindsay Lohan tries to make nice with the corpse cutters by having cupcakes sent to the morgue. (Jezebel)

Lea Michele talks about the time Ashton Kutcher got his wiener out in front of her. (Amy Grindhouse)

Wayne Gretzky’s daughter Paulina is super sexy in a bikini. Not so much in a hockey mask and goal keeper’s pads, but still sexy. (COED Magazine)

Is this Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice… topless? Shame on you for looking. (Celeb Jihad)

Kirsten Dunst requires SPF 245, as evidenced by these pics of her in a bikini in Vegas. (G Celeb)

Emmanuelle Beart Nude Poses For A Guy

Emmanuelle Beart removing her robe to reveal her fully nude body and then trying to pose in several different positions while a guy watches. She is giving us a nice look at her breasts, her butt and bush, and a brief peek between her legs. From La Belle Noiseuse.


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