Jason Segel Wants To Make A 'Sex Tap'

Fans of Jason Segel‘s penis, get excited!

The always creepy, but somehow also always adorable Jason is planing on making a sex tape with his pal, I Love You Sarah Marshal director, Nicholas Stoller.

The duo have shown intreats in staring and directing in Columbia Pictures comedy titled Sex Tape!

No, it’s not a Kim Kardashian bio pic.

The comedy written by Kate Angelo is described as:

“a young, happily married couple that gets a night off from their kids and decide to spice up their life by making a sex tape. When they wake up the following morning they discover the tape missing and must find out who took it and how to get it back.”

hmm… it sounds like it could be good.

The two haven’t officially signed on yet, but they’re expected to receive offers any day now and expected to enter negotiations.

If his huge…um, talent makes an appearance the Sex Tape is sure to pull in a crowd!

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